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About Fish4Cats

Fish4Cats is part of the Fish4Pets family, which means we have the same commitment to producing healthy and delicious pet food.

We are a small, independent, award winning company operating from our base in Worcestershire in England. We are passionate about what we do and genuinely believe that what we sell is good for the health and happiness of cats and dogs. After all, our own pets thrive on the products we produce (and they love the taste tests).

Natural, Healthy, and Environmentally Friendly

We use fish for one simple reason, it’s great. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that will help your cat live a nutritious and happy life. We then compliment this with a few other carefully chosen ingredients that add even more health benefits.

We offer a range of Fish4Cats Complete Dry Food and Complementary Wet Food and Mousse. Our products are all natural – we use fully traceable raw materials, with no preservatives, additions, unnecessary bulking agents or colourings.

We also only get our ingredients from sustainable sources because minimizing our environmental impact is as important as maximizing our product quality.

We Understand Cats

At Fish4Cats, we understand that cats’ dietary requirements are completely different to dogs, which means our cat food recipes are specifically geared towards addressing their needs.

Cats are strict carnivores and require high levels of protein with small amounts of fats and carbohydrates. A high-protein diet can supply a cat with all the required amino acids to keep them healthy. Taurine is particularly crucial for cats – it helps to ensure they have normal vision, a healthy digestive system, and normal heart and muscle function, as well as giving general immune support.

But don’t worry – we know cats can be pretty picky sometimes, so our mission to produce healthy cat food never comes at the expense of creating delicious products with the tastes and textures that your cat will absolutely love.

We operate around the world and in 2017 won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade.