Premium Cat Food With Healthy Algae

The Health Benefits of Algae

Our Fish4Cats premium cat food range throws algae into the mix too, with great benefits. Yes, we said algae.

Our delicious cat food just wouldn’t be quite as healthy without algae’s immune boosting goodness – it’s stuffed full of amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins. These all help to fight and build the body’s resistance to infections, support muscle tissue and organ health, and detoxify and strengthen the immune system.

As a dietary supplement, algae helps with cardiac, cognitive, renal, skin, and joint health, as well as the reduction of inflammation, and the rate and recurrence of neoplasia (tumour reduction).

High in Protein and Omega 3

Algae, which comes in all shapes and sizes from absolutely tiny to something resembling seaweed, is also about 50% protein and contains omega 3 and 6. Talk about a superfood. In fact, it’s so good that we aimed to make the Fish4Cats Complete food the first of its kind to add such ‘up and coming’ ingredients as algae, as well as cranberries and sweet potato.

What’s more, the algae Fish4Cats uses is produced in the USA using heterotrophic growth, which means it uses sugar rather than sunlight to survive. Growing it in a closed system means keeping complete control over the nutrients being absorbed, creating a more consistent product with no risk of contamination.

This method also prevents any pollution of the marine environment, making it a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly form of production.