Tasty fish for your cat

Cats Love Fish

So, you’re cat’s pretty fussy? We’ve been there too. That’s why when we sat down to create our range of Fish4Cats products, we knew that they had to be absolutely delicious. After all, what would be the point in creating healthy cat food that cats didn’t like?

A Naturally Delicious Flavour

Luckily for us, we were working with the right ingredients. Fish is naturally delicious, especially to cats. But what is it that they find so tasty? Well, just like dogs, cats are particularly susceptible to ‘umami’ – a satisfying savoury flavour that helps them tell whether their food is fresh and even allows them to distinguish between fish and meat.

For centuries Asian chefs have added dried fish powder, fish sauce, and fish heads to stocks, soups and sauces to take advantage of the amazing umami flavour. Glutamate, which stimulates your cat’s umami receptors, is found in both fresh and fermented fish, so it’s a great choice for both meals and treats.

Cats also respond positively to new diets, so switching them over to our deliciously fishy Fish4Cats products should go down pretty well. And because there are fifteen different products to choose from in our wet complementary range alone, your cat will have plenty of variety to choose from.

We’re pretty sure those days of half-used discarded bags of cat food blocking up your cupboard will be a thing of the past.