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Premium Cat Food Rich in Omega 3

Our Cat Food is Rich in Omega 3

Omega 3 is a type of fatty acid that has tons of health benefits for your cat – and our deliciously fishy Fish4Cats products are naturally full of the stuff.

First up, it’s great for soothing your cat’s cracked paws – something that can be a real issue during the winter months. It can also help with coat and skin problems, as well as joint mobility.

Omega 3 fats also create muscle tissues around the skeleton and help make up vital enzymes in the blood and liver. In the brain they ensure the healthy development of hormones and senses such as sight and hearing.

And there’s more – omega 3 happens to be great for your cat’s nerves too. The ‘sleeves’ that nerve fibres run through need fatty acids for their development, which means a deficiency can cause issues such as impaired vision, mental alertness, and movement.

Not All Omega 3 is The Same

Clearly, this is important stuff.  But, just like protein, not all omega 3 is the same. EPA and DHA are specific varieties of omega 3 that are particularly beneficial. Luckily, fish is full of the stuff. In contrast, the type of omega 3 that’s found in plant-based oils is just nowhere near as helpful.

It’s also important to consider the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. Put simply, omega 6 excites the system whilst omega 3 calms it back down. We all need both, but getting the right balance is key. Whilst omega 6 is easily found in seeds, nuts and vegetables, all your cat’s omega 3 needs can be found in our deliciously fishy cat food.